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 Agistri Property & Houses For Sale - Real Estate In Greece
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Ikaria - Armenistis
New Maisonettes

Price: €209,000 -  125 m2
Bedrooms: 3  Baths: 2

Agistri Island

A short distance from Aegina is the charming neighbouring island of Agistri ( Angistri ). This island is a very green and beautiful one, and provides a wonderful destination for a day trip either from Aegina or Athens.

Agistri is a small island, though it is one that is huge in terms of natural beauty. There are many lovely beaches scattered all across the island where you can enjoy a refreshing swim during the hot summer months.

There are two ports on the island, those of Skala and Milos. The main part of the island is that of Skala. Most visitors to the island arrive here, and the beautiful beach and famous white church greet the new arrivals at the port.

There is a fair share of hotels, rooms to let and apartments which operate mostly during between May through to October, though there are some that operate throughout the year.

All along the coast, you will find a wonderful selection of cafe bars where you can enjoy a drink right next to the sea. Many of these cafe bars also offer sunbeds and umbrellas for their customers who wish to take their drinks on the beach.

There are also a nice selection of restaurants and tavernas along the coast where you can enjoy a great selection of meals, including a great choice of fresh seafood.

Agistri is often referred to as the hidden jewel in the Argosaronic Gulf. When you arrive, you will instantly understand why. It is an island where one can easily escape and find many places to simply lie back and relax.

The beaches here are ideal for those seeking somewhere quiet, with the shallow waters, are ideal for those travelling with children.

The island of Agistri has long been a popular destination for Greeks seeking a weekend break from Athens. Over the years, it has been growing more and more popular with visitors from overseas as well.

Agistri is a very traditional and quaint island, and one that has not become overdeveloped. It still retains it's charm and magic, and it are these that make it such a unique place to visit.

With access by ferry boat from the neighbouring island of Aegina, as well as a sea-taxi boat, one can easily spend a day here on Agistri before returning back to Aegina in the evening.


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