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Quick Facts: Kimolos
Pronunciation kee-mo-lhos
Transportation Ferry
Main Attractions Thermal Springs, beaches, fishing
Food A few eateries
Accommodations Few beds are available

Kimolos Characteristics

Kimolos lies one km from the island of Milos. It's the smaller of the two. Although quiet, it does receive a steady trickle of visitors.

greece greek islands cycladed kimolos greece greek islands cycladed kimolos

greece greek islands cycladed kimolos greece greek islands cycladed kimolos

Milos and Kimolos were connected by a now sunken land bridge. The smaller island has a land mass of 37 sq. km. and a coast line of 38 km. Kimolos is 86 nautical miles from Piraeus and has a population of 800.

The hilltop capitol of Kimolos is Kimolos Town or Hora, a (2km) fifteen minute walk from the port Psathi. Kimolos has nice deserted beaches and radioactive thermal springs good for rheumatism. At the center of the island the fortress of Paleokastro perches on a high cliff.

Island Features

Kimolos' quiet, untouched style is not great for party seekers, but it's haven to some interesting animals and plants. The sixth rarest animal in Europe, the Mediterranean Monk Seal has been spotted around Kimolos as has the 100 million year old Loggerhead turtle which lay their nest eggs in the sands of the beach of Elliniko. These species are both protected by Greek and International law. There are only about 600 seals left and most of them live in the Sporades Marine Reserve around Allonisos Island. The island is home to a species of rare blue lizard.

Mostly rocky and barren, Kimolos can surprise you with green patches, including 140 species of rare plants on the southeast coast.

The modern name of the island means chalk in Greek. Kimolos is one of the world's top producers of the substance Cimolite, deemed essential to the dying of cloth. It's similar to the soft chalk-like Fuller's Earth. Kimolos also possesses the last truly working windmill in the Cyclades.


greece greek islands cycladed kimolosgreece greek islands cycladed kimolosgreece greek islands cycladed kimolos

Kimolos Town or Hora was designed to confuse pirates and is a small labyrinth of white buildings strewn with strategically placed flower pots which contrast nicely with the stark whitewash of the buildings. On the way up to town you'll pass the Afendakis Foundation World Headquarters with the island's museum in the basement. You'll see Mr. Afendakis statue outside. Within is an amalgamation of various ancient knickknacks and ostraka (pot-shards) the Kimolotes have dug up over the years.

Hora is divided into two parts: Inner Hora-Kastro or old town and Outer Hora-Kastro or new town. The houses of the inner Kastro form the inside of the fortress with loophole windows and four gates. New Town has a smattering of cafes and tavernas and its beautiful domed Greek Orthodox Cathedral Panagia Evangelistria, built in 1614. Other Churches include Taxiarchis (1670), Panagia Odygitira (1873) and Chrisotomas (1680). There are six windmills, one of which actually produces stone ground wheat even today.

The village sprang up around its Venetian Castle built by Marco Sanudo and occupying Kimolos' high point at 355m. Kimolos oldest Church of Christos (1592) sits within the Kastro. The views are good!

Beaches and Sights

greece greek islands cycladed kimolosgreece greek islands cycladed kimolosWalk south east down the village road towards Milos just opposite and you'll eventually be where the isthmus connecting the two islands used to be. On the way you'll pass through Aliki with a beach and a taverna and further along will come to Aghios Andrea and the ruins of the ancient city that once occupied the isthmus and has now sunk into the sea. All that remains is the ancient cemetery or Elliniko Necropolis which has graves from the Mycenaean period on into the the early part of the 1st millennium.

Two beaches are close by: Elliniko and Kambana. Kambana is a favorite of the turtles for nesting so don't stick your umbrella too deep into the sand.

greece greek islands cycladed kimolos greece greek islands cycladed kimolosA path north from Hora will lead you to the fishing hamlet of Goupa with perhaps the best fishing in the Aegean. It has a totally unspoiled beach.

Beyond is the beach of Klima. At the north tip of Kimolos is Prassa and the radioactive springs. Prassa is where the cimolite is dug up and processed. Under certain conditions the chalk dust formed covers the whole island with a light coating. Opposite the east coast of Kimolos is the islet of Poliegos where monk seals have been spotted. Poliegos is inhabited only by goats.

There is freelance camping allowed.

Drinking and Dining

There are very few amenities on Kimolos. At last count there were five tavernas, two bakeries and a mini-mart.

Kimolos was known in ancient times as Echinousa for its many sea urchins which were also depicted on its ancient coins. "A-hee-nee" are not to be tread upon, if possible. To their credit, sea urchins are rumored to posses Viagra-like properties. They may be eaten raw after being dislodged with a diving knife from the rocks to which they cling. They don't yield much meat however, being pretty much hollow. Nor do they taste like much of anything either. Aficionados liberally annoint them with lemon juice and claim they are an acquired taste.



This is a great place to get away from the crowds. Most people make a day-trip of their visit, but there are rooms and beds if you want to linger a while and soak up the peace.

You can bring a moped on the ferry from Milos, but be sure you have enough gas to last the day if you do. 


greece greek islands cycladed kimolos

greece greek islands cycladed kimolos

The Complete Details

Helpful Information
Transportation Facts
  • By Ferry: There are daily shuttle boats from Polonia on Milos.
  • Ferry boats en route to Piraeus stop in 4 to 5 times a week, take about 8 hrs.
  • There are no cars or gas stations on the island.
Island Resources
  • Tel. code: 2287
  • Port Authority: Tel. 51332
  • Police Tel: 51205


Ikaria - Armenistis
New Maisonettes

Price: €209,000
 -  125 m2
Bedrooms: 3  Baths: 2


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