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Greek Islands Guide


Quick Facts: Sikinos
Pronunciation Cee-Kee-Nos
Transportation Ferry
Main Attractions Serenity, animal life
Food Some tavernas and cafes
Accommodations Simple rooms & one hotel

Sikinos Characteristics

sikinos greek islandsikinos greek islandsikinos greek island

Sikinos lies between Ios and Folegandros (Pholegandros). It has a land mass of 41 sq. km. and 41 km. of coast line. Its population is 300. It's a mountainous island about 110 km from Piraeus. You can stand on the western shore of Ios and see Sikinos.

Island Features

sikinos greek islandsikinos greek islandsikinos greek island

Sikinos is a non-touristy island and an ideal spot for serenity. It has quiet beaches and little night life. The island is rated an "Ecosystem of European Importance" because of the wild pigeons, black-headed hawks, sea birds, monk seals, cat vipers, sand snakes and other animals.

sikinos greek islandWheat is grown here. Vines grow is the terraced valleys and there is fishing along the coast.

This is a nice choice for a day trip from Ios or Folegandros, especially if you are in need of a rest after the night life in the more touristy spots.


sikinos greek islandsikinos greek islandFerries dock at Alopronia (or Skala), where there's a sandy beach and shallow seas perfect for chlldren. There are a few tavernas and cafes here and a fairly new hotel. Most accomodations are in Alopronia. Beaches at Katergo and Agios Nikolaos are both within easy walking distance of Alopronia.

Take the bus, or enjoy an hour's walk, to the Hora. The capital is one of the Cyclades most authentic villages. Above the village is the 18th Century ruined Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi, which is fortified against pirate attack. There are icons by Skordilis in the cathedral.

It's only a few minutes walk up the next hill to the Kastro. It has the typical labyrinthine lanes. There are ruins of windmills. The houses have tiny rooms. There's a private folk museum open in July and August during the afternoons. The Kastro has a few impressive mansions, too.

A paved road takes you from Hora past ruined Cyclopean walls and Mini Episkopi. The Moni was originally a mousoleum, in the 3rd Century, later a Byzantine church, and finally the 17th Century Moni you see today. The view from the precipice to the south is spectacular.

Walk a rough path northeast to find the remains of a fortress at Paliokastro. There's a good sandy beach near there at Malta. Tracks leading off from this path take yu to sandy beaches at Ag. Georgios and Ag. Nikolaos. There's water taxi service to both beaches in summer, and a taverna at Ag. Georgios.

Drinking and Dining

Try the local wine, if it's still available. There are tavernas and cafes with traditional fare.


sikinos greek islandsikinos greek island

Sikinos is named after the child of the banished Limnian Thoas, who was set adrift in a tea chest. He was rescued by a local nymph.

In ancient times, Sikinos was called Oenoe, which means "wine island." The local wine is still known for its punch.

There are traces on the island of both Ionian and Dorian colonisers. It's been ruled by Macedonians, Egyptians, and Romans. The Romans banished people here. The Turks took it over in the 17th Century.


This is a good place to go if you want to practice your Greek and enjoy the old-fashioned island life.


sikinos greek island

sikinos greek island

The Complete Details

Helpful Information
Transportation Facts
  • In summer there are daily connections to
    and from Piraeus which take about 9 hours
  • One may travel to the islands of Folegandros,
    Ios, Santorini, Paros, Naxos, Syros, Anaphi, Kimolos and Milos from Sikinos
  • In winter one has to travel to the above islands first to return to Piraeus
  • There's bus and water taxi service on the island.
Island Resources
  • Tel. code 0286
  • Port authority tel. 028 605 1222


Ikaria - Armenistis
New Maisonettes

Price: €209,000
 -  125 m2
Bedrooms: 3  Baths: 2


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