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Greek Islands Guide


Quick Facts: Poros
Pronunciation pour-oss
Transportation Frequent ferries to the mainland plus ferry connections to other islands.
Buses and motorbikes are available on the island.
Main Attractions Monastery of Zoodoghos Pigis
Food Plenty of spots along the waterfront
Accommodations Several comfortable hotels

Poros Characteristics

an aerial view of galatas and porosPoros is the closest Saronic Gulf island to the Peloponnese and the 4th closest to Piraeus and Athens (29 mi.). A small island, it has 23 sq. mi. of land mass and 43 km. of coast. There are about 4000 inhabitants.

Its gently rolling hills and greenery provide a nice contrast to the stark barrenness of its Cycladic Greek island cousins. Poros is a a less trendy island than Hydra. You're likely to find real Greeks, lower prices and less fanfare.

Due to its popularity, accommodations on the weekend are more expensive.

Poros' proximity to the Peloponnese make it an ideal jump off point. Many of the most famous Peloponnesian sites in Greece may be visited easily starting from Poros: Epidavros, Mycenae, Troezen, Tyrins, Argos and Ancient Corinth.

Island Features

poros island greek island guide map description holiday vacation tripJust to the east of nearby mainland Galatas is the Lemonodassos a unique hillside grove-forest of over 30,000 lemon and orange trees. Car rental from Poros is a good choice for such excursions.

Or rent a car in Athens–at most a 4 hour drive away. If you already have a vehicle you can drive to Galatas on the Peloponnese and leave your car on the mainland or ferry it across. Separated from the Greek mainland by 400 meters, it is only a 5 minute boat ride to Poros.

here is a picture of the canal that seperates themThe name Poros itself actually means 'passage' and refers to the channel (canal photo right) between the island and the Peloponnese. Etymologically speaking it is probably related the source of the English words porous and pore.

Poros is actually two islands: Sephaeria (or Sferia) and Kalavria linked by a very small canal or isthmus. Kalavria, the larger island has the smaller population, sandy beaches and more greenery.

There, many cyprus, olive and pine trees offer shade. Sephaeria, the location of Poros Town, is actually a volcanic out-cropping and forms Poros' southern tip.

Little Sephaeria popped out of the ocean in a volcanic bubble during the eruptions at Methana on the mainland. Kalavria is a much older island.

Islanders usually bathe at Alyki or the coves of Askeli and Monastiri all of which are reachable by bus. Those with boats may find many secluded coves and unvisited beaches along the islands shores.


the bell tower top Poros Town is the main community center of the island and its main harbor. A blue clock-tower dominates the skyline and is the island's landmark. The town itself is built around the harbor basin and rises into the surrounding hills as is common on so many Greek islands. You can find marvelous vistas and good hiking by climbing the narrow streets toward the back of Poros Town.


Northwest of the causeway and Poros Town is the National Naval Academy. Sometimes you can see an old battleship at anchor there.

Drinking and Dining

Many hotels have their own restaurants. The 3 Brothers Tavern and the 7 Brothers Tavern both offer authentic Greek cuisine at reasonable prices and of good quality.

Many taverns line the limani and all serve good food and have excellent views of the harbor and Peloponnese across the strait. Hoist a few at the hot spot Coconuts if you're looking for late night bar activity.


See our greece hotels for a complete look at accommodations available on this island.


poros island greek island guide map description holiday vacation tripIn ancient times Poros was sacred to Poseidon and a major temple was located 12 km north of Poros town at Vayonia. Built circa 500 BC, little remains today of what was probably a magnificent structure except for a few walls and one Doric column. The site (Palatia) however, offers a unique view of the open sea and to Troizinai opposite on the mainland.

ruis at the temple are scantMythological tradition makes Poros as the birthplace of Theseus and history names it as the spot where the famous Athenian and orator Demosthenes died. Demosthenes sought refuge and committed suicide within the Temple of Poseidon. He was actively opposed to Phillip of Macedon and his son Alexander the Great's domination of the Athenian city-state.

the museums' exteriorDemosthenes poisoned himself rather than surrender to the Macedonians. You can see the ruins of the 6th Century Temple of Poseidon near the center of Kalavria.

Throughout the 7th Century BC Poros was the center of the 7 island amphictyony (maritime confederation) of Kalavreia which preceded the Delian league centered at Delos island Cyclades just off Mykonos.

finds from the area are displayed at the museumVisit the Poros Archeological Museum (above left) Open 6 days, closed Mondays 8:30 - 15:00 tel: 22980-23276

Poros played an active part in the Greek War of Independence and was home to the first official Naval Dockyard in 1830.

the monatery of life giving spring - 'zodogou pigis'Today the main historical attraction of the island is the Monastery of Zoodoghos Pigis or 'Virgin of the life giving spirit' situated 7 km NE of Poros town. The l8th Century monastery is built around the island's only spring. Its deeply wooded grounds overlook Askeli bay. It's noted for its finely carved wooden iconostasis. Within the grounds lies its cemetery, where fighters of the War of Independence against the Turks are interred. You can also see the grave of a British philhellene who gave his life in the struggle. Don't miss the archeological museum in Poros Town.

Many islanders trace their roots back to Albanian forebears.


If you go in season, book your rooms well in advance. Don't look for well known international boutiques on Poros. It does receive its share of one day cruise ships and in can be very busy in high summer.

The Complete Details

Helpful Information
Transportation Facts
  • By Ferry: Many daily connections with Piraeus' Marina Zeas and to Aegina, Hydra and Spetses.
  • Also to mainland Peloponnese: Methana, Galatas, Tolo, Naufplion, Kyparissia, and Monemvassia less frequently
Island Resources
  • Tel. code: 2928
  • Poros Port Authority: tel: 22274
  • Tourist Police Tel.: 22256


Ikaria - Armenistis
New Maisonettes

Price: €209,000
 -  125 m2
Bedrooms: 3  Baths: 2


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